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Enterprise Solutions

This solution is designed for HR and Health & Safety managers of organizations that require ongoing distance education and up-to-date certification for employees. It gives you full access to all courses in any quantity you require. It is backed by the full benefit and administrative capabilities of our Compliance System.

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Financial Advantages

Unlimited Use at a Fixed Cost


Enterprise Solution guarantees a stable and predictable plan for your distance learning and compliance management. It gives you unlimited use of online courses within your organization for a fixed cost. Our employee turnover protection assures you that no matter how many employees leave and are replaced, there will be no additional charge for new system accesses issued.


Growth Protection


Year in year out, we provide a head count growth protection margin at no additional cost. Each year we adjust your cost based on head count at that time.


High Quality Course Design

InFuse is recognized throughout the industry for its exceptional course materials. Our interactive, multi-media interfaces use the best voice-over narratives in the industry. We are leading in development of high retention health and safety courses in HTML5 making them compatible with Windows, Android and Apple phones and tablets. View our course offerings to see how InFuse can meet your organizational training needs today!

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