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We can connect you with a range of partner services to help train and manage your staff.

     Other Services

Confined Space Training

Full “Confined Space” training available through our Affiliate Division

Custom Course Development

As leading e-learning course designers and developers, we are able to offer our clients customization services for their existing courses or adaptation of InFuse courses to fit their needs.

Employee Policies and Handbooks

Through our Policies partner access a full range of employee policies that you can customize to suit your organization.

HR Toolkit

HR Toolkit is a comprehensive online resource designed to help managers, employees and board members better understand, address and manage issues relating to HR.

Personnel Assessments

Don’t roll the dice when assessing new hires. Our partners will provide you with the latest assessment tools to help you select the right candidates to hire.

Programming Services for HR / PAYROLL & Risk Management Systems

We can seamlessly interface your InFuse system with other Human Resource Information Systems, Payroll Systems and Risk Management Systems.


Other Learning


Ontario Joint Health & Safety Committee Certification

Ontario Joint Health & Safety Committees require at least one certified manager and one certified worker to be trained and certified by an accredited MOL provider.  Our Affiliate Division is an accredited provider. Contact us to schedule training.

Ontario Working at Heights’ Practical Training

Ontario’s new “Working at Heights” regulations require that all applicable construction workers are trained in theory and practical components by MOL accredited providers. Our Affiliate Division is an accredited provider. Contact us to schedule training

Fork-Lift Practical Training

Complement your InFuse Fork-lift Theory training with practical evaluations by trained and certified examiners. Call us for details.


Scissor-Lift Training

Our Affiliate Division has certified scissor-lift trainers to ensure your personnel operate equipment safely and securely.


Propane Safety

Our partner can certify workers for Basic Propane Handling under 400,000 BTUs.


Contact Us for further information.

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